Shower Repairs are common for many homeowners. Clogged drains, heads that spray everywhere but on you and low pressure issues can all be resolved. RYCO Plumbing can is a shower repair expert.


Shower Repairs

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Drips, Clogs And Rotten Eggs: What's Wrong With Your Morning Shower?

Hopefully (for everyone's sake), the shower is one of the first places that you go in the morning. However, if your shower isn’t draining properly, or if it’s leaking, it can be a serious inconvenience and problem for your home. At RYCO Plumbing our trained plumbers have responded to many different service calls for shower repairs in Phoenix. Here are some of the most common calls we get:

Clogged shower drains

Leaking shower

Low water pressure

Not enough hot water

This is by far the most common shower repair that we deal with. Usually, it’s nothing more than hair and soap scum that have formed a clog near the shower drain. However, it can sometimes be the result of a clog further down your drain as well.


Depending on what type of shower you have, the leak can present itself in different ways. In some cases, you might not even realize you have a leak! This happens when part of your shower’s seal deteriorates and the water starts to leak underneath it.


When you turn on your shower does only a mild amount of water come out? Many times this has to do with mineral deposits building up in the shower head. However, if this is happen all over your house it could be a sign of something much more serious.


While this doesn’t really have anything to do with your shower, it can still be a serious problem. This typically has to do with your water heater. Fortunately, RYCO Plumbing also offers water heater services in Phoenix too.