Plumbing and Air Conditioning Pricing

RYCO Plumbing charges by the hour, not the job. This will actually save you money. We never have hidden fees and you'll always know what you're paying.

Reasonable Hourly Rate* (plus parts)


No Hidden Charges

Yes, we charge by the hour, not by the job. This will actually save you money.

Some companies charge by the job and not the hour, but is it really a better value?

When they arrive to the job they might show you a nice book with all of the, sometimes vague, descriptions of what each price level covers. And then try to put the plumbing problem in a level for you depending on how much they think they should get from the job, along with the service, or diagnosis fee. They say that is the price no matter what happens.

If the job takes longer than they had planned or is tougher than they thought they add another category on their flat rate price. They are charging for the time that it takes to do the job but at a hidden hourly rate. It’s hidden because they don’t want you to know what it is. Some are based on $200 - $350 dollars an hour for regular business hours. For example some will want to charge you $395.00 to unclog your main sewer system from a ground level, meaning they can use the clean-out for the drain located on the ground. Typically that would take about an hour to complete. We typically have been able to clear these lines for well under half of that. 

Another practice is to not give prices over the phone. If you call and just want to know about how much it would cost to have you plumbing problem fixed they some will say "it's not fair to give you a price cause it won’t be the correct price, the best thing is to let us come out and give you the price right there on the spot." They are counting on you not wanting to call another plumber out because you already waited all day for them to show up. 

When you call RYCO Plumbing, we will do our best to give you a price over the phone that is accurate. If you do have a job that is too complicated or to big to be given a price over the phone, we will have someone from our company out to bid the job for free. Our bids include all of the running around necessary to complete the job. We don't like surprises and we don't want to surprise you.

When our technicians are assigned to a service call, we promise to do everything possible arrive at your residence or business in our agreed upon time. We will evaluate your problem fully and then we will recommend to you the best solution taking into consideration cost as well as future possible problems. No additional fees or hidden charges, our guarantee is our word and our word is our business.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality service and warranty you can understand and trust for your absolute satisfaction. We are not in competition with the do-it-yourself home centers. Many of the products we offer are available only in professional grade and are not the same as the look-alike items in these home centers. Our on-site replacement warranties are highly regarded as a no hassle alternative to the home center “bring-it-in” or “send-to-manufacturer” warranties. We deliver service in your home or business via a fully equipped service vehicle with a highly trained, insured technician able to spot other possibilities or opportunities in your particular situation. We hope you agree that these increased levels of service and warranty come with a value and price higher than you may see in your local home center. We will install the products you have purchased.

When we do the job you will only be charged for time and material. You pay for what you get and get what you pay for.

*Hourly rate excludes Jetting, CCTV Sewer Inspection and Water Heater Replacement. During normal business hours, in the expanded metro Phoenix area and most surrounding communities.