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Why Property Management Companies Choose Professional Plumbers Over Handymen

What’s the difference between a handyman and a plumber?

A plumber is the guy you call to fix the handyman’s mistakes.


That’s a common joke around the plumbing community because there is a big difference between a general handyman and a professional plumber. Property management companies know this best, which is why they often choose to work with plumbing professionals on projects.

Here are a few reasons why this is a good decision.

Anyone Can Call Himself A Handyman

It’s true.

There are handymen of all different skill and experience levels. Some can handle plumbing and electric, while others have more experience tearing out carpet and grouting tile. There are no official qualifications you need to consider yourself a handyman.

Now I know what you’re thinking—plumbers have varying levels of skills and experience too, even professionals.

The difference is that plumbers do need to have certain qualifications to work as professionals. Even the most inexperienced plumbers have at least a base of knowledge they can work off of.

The most inexperienced handymen—well—they have nothing to fall back on. And all you have is their word that they’ve done what they’ve said they’ve done.

Plumbers are a sure thing, and handymen can be hit and miss.

Professionals Can Handle More Complex Jobs

Handymen have general knowledge of a wide range of jobs: unclogging drains, changing locks, wiring light switches, and even installing water appliances.

This general knowledge is good when you have a long to-do list of high-level tasks. But what happens when a single project becomes more complex?

Property management companies rely on professional plumbers because they know they can handle both the simple tasks and the more complicated ones. The money spent paying someone to do it right is well worth the potential headache and mistakes an amateur might make if he gets in too deep over his head.

In instances where it’ll take more than just a wrench and a new pipe, paying a premium for a knowledgeable expert is smarter than taking a risk on someone who may or may not get the job done right. Do you really want to trust a handyman with a slab leak or under sidewalk drain pipe issue? No. That's why you hire a professional plumbing company like RYCO Plumbing.

You’re Liable For Performance & Injury

When a professional plumber starts messing with your pipes and water-based appliances, you can rest easy.

Chances are, if the pro works for a plumbing company, he’s covered by some sort of insurance through that company. If he gets hurt on the job, the situation will smooth itself out.

Handymen are a completely different story. When a handyman is invited onto a property, the property owner is liable if something happens to him. Even if he’s a good friend with the owner, a serious injury can mean big bucks. Legally and financially it’s risky.

Most plumbers guarantee their work and provide warranties. If you use a licensed plumber and something goes wrong, there are also state agencies like the registrar that will step in and be an authority on the matter.

You don’t get the same benefit with handymen. It’s like buying an item from a thrift shop. All sales are final.

Quality Plumbers Are Easier To Find

Handymen can be cheaper. No one’s arguing that. And if the guy does a good job, you definitely get more bang for your buck.

The trouble comes when trying to find a handyman capable of consistently doing a good job. Tracking down a handyman takes more time and effort. You rely on word-of-mouth and have to trust what people say. There are no online reviews or official job references to analyze.

There’s also the timeline to consider. The last thing property managers want to do is extend the deadline of a project just to track down a handyman to complete a task.

What Do You Think?

Property management companies prefer hiring professional plumbers because they’re knowledgeable, reliable, less risky, and require less effort to track down. There’s a time and place for handymen, but professional plumbers like RYCO Plumbing are often times still the best option.

Are there any other benefits I missed?

Share them in the comments!

Image: Flickr